6 things we love on holiday, but hate at home.

1. Public transportation

On holiday, it’s an adventure to take the bus. Is the bus late? No problem. But we wouldn’t want this to happen at home…


2. Museum

The history of our own village? We don’t really care. But when we are on a holiday, everything seems to be cool, even museums! Then, we want to know EVERYTHING!


3. Bikinis in public

In our home town, we don’t want to wear a bikini in public. But on holiday, nobody knows you. So, let yourself go!


4. Getting lost

Getting lost at home is a little bit weird. But in the big city close to you? It isn’t unthinkable. On a holiday, this isn’t a problem, more adventure awaits around every corner!


5. Parade

A tourist likes parades. People coming together to celebrate something! A ‘local’ thinks of this as a traffic jam.


6. Wearing stupid hats

Let yourself go on your holiday. But don’t go too far. With stupid hats, you are in the spotlight!


Golden tip!

Make sure you know the best way to greet someone.


Everything is better on holiday!


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