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The ten most awesome pictures

Discover how beautiful our destinations are. Enjoy!

10. Let’s start with a fantastic picture! Surfing towards Blankenberge.


9. Mowing the lawn like boss! Play golf in Westende.


8. Do you want to jump in the water? Go to Hengelhoef!


7. De Panne in all its glory!


6. Cap Blanc Nez | Close to Hardelot-Equihen.


5. ‘La Tour Penchée’. A blockhouse built in the shape of a church steeple. When World War 2 ended, they tried to destroy the building with explosives. It was not enough. Now the tower leans about twenty degrees, hence its name (penchée = leaning). Picture taken in Oye-Plage.

4. More bunkers in Bray-Dunes. This is history!


3. Hom many seagulls do you see? Westende is a hotspot!


2. This is how we used to live. Living close to the land and our animals. This reconstruction can be seen on domain ‎Hengelhoef‬!


1. Is this a shot out of ‘The Lion King’?! No, it’s Boulogne-sur-Mer! Very close to Hardelot-Equihen.

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