Mother in a vacation limelight

Now that Mother’s Day is around the corner, many people pay more attention to that extra special person in their lives. Generally speaking, a mum’s task is seriously underestimated. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt a bit to put ‘mommy’ in the spotlight now and then… and it doesn’t even has to be Mother’s Day for that! Lots of men and children though, are desperately looking for answers. Because you do want to do something nice for that special woman in your life, like gift her a week(end) at sea for example… but –oh dear!-, what does a mother actually want? What’s her ideal vacation like? Well, we’ve got some great news for you, ‘cause we’re about to reveal the solution to this life’s mystery. Keep calm and read on!

Preps – the key to success

A mother’s life purpose exists of love, self-sacrifice, and doing roughly about 10 to 15 things at a time. So the biggest favor you can give her is a large dose of rest. Make sure that mum doesn’t have to worry about a thing during this vacation. Ease her burden! And that already starts with the preparation of the trip itself. Partners, children, and fathers can join forces to make sure that everything and everyone is ready to go. And for this, planning is the key! Make a to-do list in advance, and pack your family bags well on time; spare clothes for warm and cold days, medication, ointments and bandages, baby-paraphernalia, sun-screen, dog poo bags, moist wipes, sandwiches and juices for on the way,… This time, mum doesn’t have to worry about a thing!

Chillin’ & shoppin’

So, off we go on this mum-vacation! Spoil her with a wellness package. Dad (or granddad) can babysit while mum enjoys a relaxing massage… maybe even together with her own mother! If mum doesn’t like to leave the kids behind, opt for a child-friendly private wellness; a relaxing day out with the family! Make absolutely sure that mother doesn’t have to cook, and take the family out to one of the many child-friendly restaurants at the sea-side, or cook her a romantic candlelight dinner for when the kids are asleep.

A little action here or there isn’t a bad idea either. Reveal mum’s inner pony-girl, and send her off on the beach ride of her life! As her partner you really want to please her, right? Then ask her best friend to come over and let her shop until she cannot utter the words ‘skinny jeans’ anymore!

The everlasting maternal role

Because a mother cannot wave goodbye to the maternal role completely, she feels at her best when she can share cozy moments with her family (without arguments or discussions, please!). During a nice walk, for example, or a bike or boat trip. Or how about a game of miniature golf or bowling? On the beach, you can keep an eye on the kids while Misses goes sunbathing, or look for a nice terrace with playground, where the kids can frolic around while you and your wife can enjoy a little drink. Close the day off with an evening of nostalgic cinema, and you made mum’s holiday!

If you follow these golden Holiday Suites tips, you’ll definitely score points with your mum!

Verwen je mama

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