Sun, sea… and Plop!

A child’s life can be so easy… a little sea, a pinch of sand,… and Plopsaland! Basically, that’s all kids need. Coincidentally, we happen to have some great rental apartments at a gnome’s throw away from this children’s wonderland! Time for a little tour!

Meli-park becomes Plopsaland

If you were born before the turn of the century, maybe you remember the Meli-park in Adinkerke (a sub-municipality of De Panne), Belgium; an amusement park that was built around a bees-and-honey theme. When this park was sold in 1999, after many decades of bee-fun, Studio 100 has turned it into a new theme park. The land in which dwarf Plop lives -along with Pirate Piet, and Wickie the Viking- is packed with over 50 attractions, like several roller coasters. Take for example Anubis the Ride, a coaster that races at 90 kilometers an hour, and reaches up to 34 meters high. Or what about the Balloon Race, the Flying Bicycles, the Bat, or a ride in the Supersplash? Floating around at a whopping 70 meters high; if you’re not afraid of heights, the Rox Flyer is your cup of tea! Our little ones will be thrilled about the play-farm and the Bumperboats. Meanwhile, you can browse to heart’s content in the 10 shops, and you’ll find plenty to munch on in the 26 diners the park owns. And if you want to find out what it’s like behind the scenes of this park, then go for the Backstage Pass!

Indoor Mayaland

If the weather isn’t cooperating, then there’s always Mayaland to run to; an indoor play-paradise with a giant slide and playgrounds. You’ll find many attractions, like a raft, suspended bridge, ball pool, and the Flower Mill – a merry-go-round with arms, music, and water beams. Or how about the Water Lilies, the Falling Tower, or the Swinging Tree? Yep, that’s right, despite bad weather, your kids will still find plenty to do, to get rid of their chronic energy excess!


There’s a chance you won’t be able to say a ‘plop‘ anymore, after all those adventures. That’s why we advise you to come back the next day. This time around, to paddle and play in Plopsaqua! With its outdoor pool with lawn, play-village, toddler pool, water canons, disco pool, jacuzzis, several slides, and a sauna, there is plenty to do to keep yourself occupied for a couple of hours. And if that’s still not enough, there is a wave pool with storm effects. Or how about a wild water river that takes you through caves and ravines? And don’t forget the Sliding Tires, in which you can race alone or as a duo. And if you’re a real daredevil, opt for the Sky Drop; a slide in which you make a free fall… goosebumps assured!

Enough ‘plopping’ alright; it’s time to come and meet Plopsaland in person!

Plop Plopsaland
Plop Plopsaland

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