Westende, a sea of calm!

You feel like going out to the Belgian coast, but you could do without all the fuss and commotion of the larger cities? Well, Westende just might be your cup of tea! It consists of the village of Westende, and Westende-Bad, which used to be a mondain coastal town for the upper class. It’s –just like the neighbouring village of Lombardsijde- a sub-municipality of Middelkerke. No nonsense, cosy, not to much hustle and bustle, and with both feet in the sand; that’s how you could describe this seaside resort. Thanks to it’s chillaxed flair, this smasher is mainly a magnet for families with children, grandparents with grandchildren, or dog lovers. Perfect for anyone who is in need for some peace and cosiness.

Munch, sport, go out… repeat!

But that doesn’t mean that Westende is dull, not at all! Because here you find pubs, tea rooms, restaurants, snacks, yummy fries, and Belgian chocolates (oh yeah!) a volonté! Also well represented are the fully overloaded toys-and-trinkets-shops… thé dream come true for every child (or your inner child, for that matter)! Or how about a little sport to burn of those extra pancake and waffle calories? You can, for example, cycle, play golf, miniature golf, tennis or pétanque, or go horse riding. During the summer holidays there are lots of sport activities at the beach, like fitness or beach volley- and football… and those activities are often for freeee (yes, thé magical word we all love)! In the neighbouring town of Middelkerke you can even go skiing (yep!).
Also in Middelkerke, at the edge of Westende, you will find a true paradise for children, teens, and adults in the form of ‘De Kegel X-treme’, a cool infrastructure with, for example, bowling, karting, and laser tag… now if thát isn’t an agreeable escapade, then what is?

Culture in a white jacket

Do you want to inhale a sniff of culture alongside a sea breeze? Then you should definitely pay a visit to the tiny museum called Villa Les Zéphyrs, where you can travel back in time, to an original elite holiday home from the 1920s, from where you can follow a very manageable, two kilometer long heritage walk, which leads you along dozens of protected buildings. So you love architecture? Then you should definitely take a look at the Grand Hôtel Bellevue, locally known as The Rotunda; a beautiful piece of unique architecture in a crispy white jacket. And if that’s still not enough for you, you can check out other nearby cities like OstendDixmudeYpres and Bruges.

Tidy beach

In conclusion, you cannot look past thé most important trump a seaside resort can possibly have: a sandy beach! And the nine kilometers long and 500 meters wide beach of Westende –that gets cleaned on a daily basis during the summer holidays- really looks as if it had just stepped out of a bandbox!
So, what are you waiting for? Rent one of our nice apartments in Westende, grab a popsicle and dig your toes in the sand ;-)!