Christmas in Limburg

Are you staying at Holiday Suites during the holidays, but you don’t feel like cooking? Say no more, we got you covered! We offer you a delicious cold buffet, personally delivered to your door. This Christmasmenu costs 28€ per person. 


  • Salmon rolls with white asparagus
  • Marinated half lobster, gamba and crayfishes
  • Marinated scampi skewer
  • Atlantic salmon and tuna stuffed peach
  • Deviled eggs and spicy chicken wings
  • Pork tender loin with onion confit
  • Fresh salads, pasta and potato salad
  • Mayonnaise, tartar, cocktail sauce and bread rolls

During the booking process, let us know in the comments on which day you would like to receive this menu.


Available dates

  1. 24 December
  2. 25 December
  3. 31 December
  4. 1 January
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This package deal can be booked on following destination: