Can I make changes to my reservation?

You can certainly, and free of charge up to 3 days before your arrival. Contact us via or call us on +32 (0)2 588 03 03.

Some change options:

  • Extend your stay: according to availability.
  • Shorten your stay: a credit in the shape of a voucher will be sent to you by e-mail.
  • Add extra services: the following question will tell you more about this.

Once you have received the access codes (2 days before your arrival), a fee will be charged for shortening your stay: the full amount will be charged in any case.


Can I add extra services or extend my holiday?

Additional services can be booked at any time by contacting us via, chat or on +32 (0)2 588 03 03.

You can also book extra services during your stay. Please contact us by phone, so we can arrange this for you in the shortest possible time.


Will I get a confirmation of my change?

Certainly: with every change to your reservation you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a new invoice attached. If a payment is still outstanding, you will also find a payment link in the e-mail.


Are there any additional costs when I modify my booking?

In addition to the cost of, for example, the extra services or an extension that you book, we do not charge an additional fee.

Only in the event of repeated changes to the dates of a booking, we will charge an administrative fee of €25.


I booked through another provider. Can I still change or cancel my booking?

For this we would like to refer you to the provider where you made the booking.


How do I cancel a booking?

To cancel a booking you can contact us via or directly with a Holiday Advisor on +32 (0)2 588 03 03.


How much does it cost to cancel a booking?

If you have booked an the option cancellation, you only pay for the option itself. This gives you the right to cancel up to 7 days before arrival and costs €15 per night per suite.

If you have not added the cancellation option to your booking, you will have to pay 100% of the rent when you cancel your booking. Any additional services booked will not be charged.


Can I take out cancellation insurance?

It is not possible to take out cancellation insurance.

However, we do offer you the option 'Cancellation'. This gives you the right to cancel up to 7 days before arrival and costs €15 per night per holiday suite.


Can I cancel extra services?

This is possible up to 3 days before arrival. To cancel, please contact us at or on +32 (0)2 588 03 03.

We will then make sure that the balance is back in your account within 7 working days (provided we have received the correct account number from you).


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