Overview supplements

Beds made up

Begin your holiday in all comfort with a bed made up on arrival. This option comes at €7.50 per person. All beds in the apartment are made, and therefore charged. For example, if you are staying with 2 people in a 5-person holiday suite, then the cost is 5 x €7,50.


Trying to save some bagage space? Order your towels here! Each towel package contains one large and one small bath towel. In addition of your towel package, you get a package of 1 bath mat and 1 kitchen towel. You get this once, even if you have ordered several towel packages. Price per package: €7,50.

Extra housekeeping

Our team will do an extra cleaning during your stay. Let us know in the remarks here below which date during your stay you prefer. The price for this option is from €30 (depending on the size and type of the accommodation).


The baby kit consists of a baby chair and a baby bed (sheets not included). The baby kit is not standard in the accommodations, but can be added to the reservation. If this option is selected, the baby kit will be present during your stay. This option costs €15 per baby kit (per stay).

Extra sheets

A package of sheets includes a pillowcase, a fitted sheet and a duvet cover. An extra sheet package costs 8€.


Parking can be booked, the price varies from destination to destination. More info at step 2 in the booking process. Enter your number plate during step 2 in the booking process.


Fan of Suity ? Add our amazing Suity plush to your reservation and he will wait for you in your accommodation. The plush is seated about 25cm. A Suitypluche costs €10.