Ecological and sustainable development

Holiday Suites is committed to sustainable hospitality


Through thoughtful choices, Holiday Suites aims to operate its residences in a sustainable manner. 

We want to contribute to a more beautiful and greener world by making concrete achievements while providing the best possible service to our guests.

With an ambitious vision, we make our employees aware and involve our customers and partners in this positive mindset.

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Our efforts


Cleaning with ozone water

With stabilised ozone water, (chemical) cleaning products are a thing of the past. It is better for the environment, safer for the employees and guarantees more efficient cleaning. Holiday Suites is with this one of the pioneers in the Belgian hospitality sector.


Non-packaged sheets

Our bed linen is cleaned and disinfected with the greatest care. The new sheets are placed back in the suites without unnecessary plastic packaging.

welcome kit

Ecological welcome kit

The welcome kit for our guests, which includes dishwasher tablets, detergent, a sponge and a dishcloth, consists exclusively of ecological products. Thus, we welcome all guests with a sustainable intention.


Think before you print

We resolutely go digital, limiting our printed material to an absolute minimum. Our customer service, our inspiration guide to discover the region and our manuals are consulted online via handy QR codes.


Automatic climate control

To achieve an ideal combination of energy efficiency and optimal comfort for the guest, the air conditioning automatically switches off when the sliding window is opened. 


Charging points

At most of our residences, we provide charging points near the bicycle storage. The nearest car charging stations are also clearly indicated.


Convenient switch

At the press of a main switch, all lights are switched off. This avoids unnecessary energy consumption and the guest does not have to check all the rooms every time he or she leaves.


Thoughtful waste management

Like many of our compatriots, waste sorting is an automatic part of Holiday Suites. Our residences always include containers for residual waste, paper & cardboard, PMD and glass. The half-buried containers also blend in with the decor of the estate. Ecological frugality!

Your input?

We want to make a difference together with our guests. Do you have ideas, comments or improvements that you would like to share? We would love to hear them!