Kust Marathon Westende ENG
Kust Marathon Westende ENG

Peace and Adventure on the Belgian Coast

Westende, along with nearby Middelkerke, offers the perfect mix of tranquility and activity on the Belgian coast. Enjoy expansive beaches, beautiful bike paths, and a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you're looking to relax or engage in adventurous activities, these charming coastal towns have something for everyone.

Find Peace and Relaxation in Westende

With its expansive, tranquil beaches and picturesque dunes, Westende offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Here, you can enjoy long walks along the coastline, with the gentle sound of the waves in the background.

The serene environment invites relaxation, whether you choose a quiet picnic in the dunes or a relaxing book on the beach. Westende provides the perfect retreat for anyone looking to recharge and unwind in the natural beauty of the Belgian coast.

Rusten op het strand van Westende
Een klein meisje in een strandstoel
Een koppel rust op het strand van Westende
Een kleine jongen rust op het strand in een zwemband
Heerlijk eten in Surfclub De Kwinte

Surfclub De Kwinte

Surfclub De Kwinte in Westende is the ideal spot for everyone, whether you're a watersports enthusiast or just looking to enjoy a delightful day by the sea. The club offers excellent facilities and lessons for surfers of all levels, but even if you don't hit the waves, there's plenty to do. Relax with a drink or meal in the cozy beach bar and enjoy the stunning sea view. At De Kwinte, everyone is welcome for adventure and relaxation on the Belgian coast.

Heerlijk eten in Surfclub De Kwinte
Grootouders met hun kleinkinderen aan het wandelen langs het Silt in Middelkerke
Grootouders met hun kleinkinderen aan het wandelen langs het Silt in Middelkerke

Always Something Happening by the Sea in Middelkerke

Just a stone's throw from the peaceful Westende lies Middelkerke, a lively coastal town bustling with activities. Here you'll find the perfect mix of relaxation and entertainment, with wide beaches and numerous recreational options. Whether you want to enjoy a sunny beach day, a bike ride along the coast, or try your luck at the casino, Middelkerke has something for everyone.

The vibrant atmosphere of Middelkerke is enhanced by numerous events and festivals held throughout the year. From markets and music performances to sports competitions and cultural events, there's always something happening. Middelkerke is the ideal destination for those seeking a dynamic and versatile coastal experience.

Art in the Open Air

Westende is not only a place of peace and nature but also a surprising destination for art lovers. Scattered throughout the village and along the coastline, you will find various open-air artworks that give the area an artistic flair. This outdoor gallery makes a visit to Westende extra special and offers a cultural experience amidst nature.

Een openluchtkunstwerk van Ervinck in Westende
Een openluchtkunstwerk in Westende
Een openluchtkunstwerk van Delvoye in Westende
Grootouders met hun kleinkinderen op het Zandsculpturenfestival in Middelkerke

Sand Sculpture Festival: A Magical World of Sand

The Sand Sculpture Festival is one of the highlights of the Belgian coast, attracting thousands of visitors to Westende each year. This spectacular event brings together artists from around the world to create beautiful and detailed sand sculptures. The festival offers not only visual spectacle but also fun activities and workshops for the whole family. Don't miss this unique experience and be enchanted by the art of sand in Westende.

Grootouders met hun kleinkinderen op het Zandsculpturenfestival in Middelkerke
Een jongentje glijdt van de glijbaan op Zandsculpturenfestival in Middelkerke
Een jongentje kijkt door een verrekijker op Zandsculpturenfestival in Middelkerke

Plan Your Dream Vacation in Westende

Don't waste any time and book your next holiday in beautiful Westende. Enjoy the serene beaches, admire the unique open-air artworks, and experience the charming village atmosphere. Choose Westende today and discover why this destination is ideal for an unforgettable vacation on the Belgian coast.


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