Holidays with your dog by the sea in Belgium

Holidays with your pet at the belgian coast!


Why you should take your pet with you on vacation.. For his loyalty your dog has the right of a compensation.
At this page, you will find a few arguments to convince you to take your dog on holiday.
Playing in the garden, lazing on the sofa, running behind sticks during family celebrations and, his most important task, guarding of the house! All this is quite a full time job. Therefore, a well-deserved vacation!

No better place in Belgium to have holiday with your pet than at the coast! The ideal place to bring your best friend. The beaches, the dunes, the sand… a wonderful playground for him.

Another important reason to take your dog with you. When you actually have time for each other? Working every day and excursions in the weekend….. Your dog also has need of affection. On vacation, you can finally spend some quality time together.

People need vacation. Well, so do animals. It will really make him happy. And as a true animal lover, it will surely give you a warm feeling to see your dog so happy.

Holiday Suites offers you a unique opportunity to spend your holidays with the whole family! Also with your Labrador, or border collie, or golden retriever, or rabbit, or cavy…. You name it, they are all welcome.

Probably you are unsure if your dog will have fun in the holidays. Do not doubt. Of course! There are so many activities for your dog at our locations.

Good to know

  • €16 per pet per night
  • Max. 2 pets per apartment


Let your dog run free

It is a classic! Every dog needs some freedom. Out of season the beach is not so busy, ideal for a run with your dog. And admit it, there is nothing more enjoyable than to see how your dog is enjoying your walk at the beach. Hereby an overview of places where and when your dog is welcome at the beach.

Swimming in the sea

Most dogs love water. So let them fully enjoy the sea water.


MHave a nice walk with your dog at the dunes, the villages, cities or beach.


Have you ever seen a dog on a bike? Of course not, but surely you saw already a dog running aside of his biking boss. So if your dog has a good condition, make a bike ride with him.


A favor to you and your dog. Make your dog detective and let him look for tracks.

Arrange your holiday now and enjoy an unforgettable time with your family and pet!


Allergic to animals?

Do not worry, we also thought of you. Every accommodation of Holiday Suites has an animal free residence. Please mention this at your booking and we arrange everything...