Domein Bokrijk


Discover the magic of Bokrijk

Step inside Bokrijk and allow yourself to be immersed in an enchanting history dating back to 1252. Before the museum opened in 1951, the very first play equipment was installed. Which marked the beginning of a timeless playground. Today over seventy years later, Bokrijk's open-air playground proudly stands as the largest playground in all of Flanders. But this place has so much more to offer than just playtime fun. The park is enriched by a magnificent Arboretum, spread over a whopping 18 hectares. It has the most extraordinary plant collection, both national and international.

Welcome to Bokrijk, where history and nature merge into a magical experience that enchants you time and again.



Bokrijklaan 1

3600 Genk


+32 (0)11 265 300



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