Domein Kiewit

Kiewit Domain

Kiewit Domain

Discover the farm with the children and enjoy a delicious picnic by the pond. The children can have fun in the play forest while the parents enjoy the herb gardens and the beehive. On 't plezante potenpad, a buggy-friendly footpath, it is fun for everyone! This walk on the domain of about 2 kilometres is an experience for young and old. While walking you will learn a lot about the domain and discover some interesting places.
There are also many fun walks that start on the domain and there are some walks that end at the Bokrijk playground, so if the children come along on the hike they have something to look forward to!



Domein Pietersheim 

Neerharenweg 12

3620 Lanaken


+32 (0)89 71 21 20



Around destination: 155km