Jumpsquare Hasselt

Jump a hole in the air

Jumping at Jumpsquare goes beyond jumping on a field of trampolines. Do you stick to the Main Court or do you dare to enter the Sports Zone, Pro Zone, Challenge Zone or Extreme Zone? The choice is yours!

In the Main Court, beginning jumpers have all the room they need to practice: How hard does a trampoline bounce? How do you slow down? How to fall the softest?
The Main Court is also the ideal place for advanced jumpers to practice their new tricks.

Jumpers who want to be active can go to the Sports Zone. Here you can find trampoline versions of sports you already know, like (Ultimate) Dodge Ball and SlamDunk.
Dodge Ball involves jumping higher and throwing farther than regular dodgeball. Dodge the opponent's balls and score the most points.
Jump as high as Michael Jordan and dunk the basketball in the basket at SlamDunk. You'll be amazed how high you can jump and how far you can hit!

The Pro Zone is all about height. You will find the High Performance MaxAir Trampolines and the Walk on Wall. Play with gravity like a real freerunner and practise the most spectacular tricks.
The High Performance MaxAir Trampolines have special springs which make you jump even higher than on normal trampolines. Do you dare?Take a horizontal position and bounce with your back on the trampolines. This is how you walk up the wall on the Walk on Wall and take your first steps as a freerunner.

Challenge your friends and colleagues in the Challenge Zone. Show who is the best in the Valo Jump, the Ninja Course or the Battle Beam.
With the Valo Jump, you physically participate in a computer game and get a real work-out.
The freerunners' favourite attraction is undoubtedly the Ninja Course. Speed, strength, coordination and agility come together in this exciting obstacle course. Do you fall down or step out of line? Don't panic, the Foam Pit, BigAirBag or the mats will ensure that you make a soft landing.
The Battle Beam is where balance and strength meet. Meet each other on the narrow beam and try to knock each other off the balance beam with special, soft Battle Sticks
The Foam Pit is filled with foam blocks to make your landing softer, while the BigAirBag is filled with vertical air chambers that are continuously filled with air.

In the Extreme Zone you go faster and higher. The adrenaline is rushing through your body. In this Zone, you need everything: agility, control, speed and a good dose of courage. In this Zone you will find attractions such as the Jump Tower and the BigAirBag.


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