Children's Farm Limburgs Landschap
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Children's Farm Limburg Suity
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The petting zoo Limburg Landschap

The petting zoo Limburg Landschap

The children's farm of Limburgs Landschap offers a fun insight into natural life. In and around the renovated Kempish half-timbered house, you can experience life on the moors in the olden days. Get in touch with the diverse fauna and flora and help to care for the newborn lambs. May it all be a bit rougher for you? No problem at all! How about a real Mud Day? Where getting dirty is allowed! Or let yourself loose in the vast play forest.

Looking for magic? 

Set off with a real witch and learn all about the wonders of nature. Explore the world of herbs during an enchanted walk, discover the power of the elements and make an amulet together. Or how about brewing a magical witch's soup? Either way, you will fly away on a self-made witches' broom!

Access to the petting zoo is free of charge. For further activities, see the website of Limburgs Landschap.




3530 Houthalen-Helchteren


+32 (0)11 53 02 51



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