Cycling along the harbor of Zeebrugge

Cycling along the harbor of Zeebrugge

Cycling is the perfect way to make your way through Zeebrugge. You visit the most beautiful places and best addresses in no time at all.

A route that we recommend is the cycle route through and along the harbor. For 29 kilometers you can enjoy nature, art, fish and a portion of nostalgia.

A must on the route is the nature area de fonteintjes . This is a vast dune area. You will find dune puddles, dune cane lands and dark swirls. The area is best known for its wealth of different types of plants. For example, you can find five kinds of orchids. Besides a lot of plants you will also find many animals. You certainly expect a number of frogs and birds.

The topper on this route remains the port of Zeebrugge.This is fascinating for young and old. The many cargo ships, cruises, containers and windmills ensure that there is something for everyone. By bike you can easily get from one place in the harbor to the other.

Hungry along the way? As a break you can stop at Ter Doest </ strong>. This old abbey barn has been converted into a restaurant and hotel. You can enjoy a meal between all the fysical effort.

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Dienst Toerisme Zeebrugge 


8380 Zeebrugge


+32 (0)50 44 46 46

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