Zeebrugge harbour

Zeebrugge harbour

Besides a beautiful beach, a great nature reserve and a flourishing catering culture, Zeebrugge has another unique asset: its international seaport, the beating heart of Zeebrugge! In the port, you can spot cruise ships, ferries, gigantic cargo ships and luxury yachts! By the way, this port is also home to the Belgian naval base, and 'Sterneneiland'; an artificial peninsula specially created as a protected breeding zone for birds.

You can book a bus tour of the port, but what could be better than a harbour tour? And if you really want a unique experience, be sure to book a cruise to the wind farm on Thornton Bank, a trip you will never forget!


Tourism Office Zeebrugge


8380 Zeebrugge


+32 50 44 46 46


Around destination: 10km