De Wijers: hiking area De Teut

Discover the natural splendour of De Teut, a breathtaking moorland that will delight dog lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. In this unique landscape, you will find two specially equipped dog-walking zones, perfect for you and your four-legged friend to experience freedom together.

Start your adventure at the starting point Holsteenbron, located on Hengelhoefseweg. This is where the purple 1.7 km walking route and the yellow 5.8 km route cross, each with its own charm and surprises. Immerse yourself in nature while your dog runs and sniffs happily beside you.

For a different experience, you can also choose to start at the car park on Teutseweg, where the 3.8km blue route and the 4.3km green route take you on an enchanting journey through the heathland. These trails offer a perfect mix of tranquillity and discovery, with glistening fens accentuating the landscape.

The Teut is particularly spectacular in August and September, when the rolling heath transforms into a vibrant sea of purple. These splashes of colour, together with the soft sand and serene silence, make it an ideal place for relaxing walks.

This area is not only a contemporary natural paradise; it also harbours a rich history. In prehistoric times, hunters were already passing through here, polishing their axes on the 'Holsteen'. Walk through De Teut and feel connected to both nature and the past, while enjoying the timeless beauty of this special part of the Netherlands.

Around destination: 156km