Cycling or hiking in Limburg

Discover the splendour of nature in Limburg

If you enjoy a relaxing cycling or hiking trip, Limburg is the right place. Nature lurks around every corner. Moreover, you will find some unique walking or cycling experiences that you will hardly find anywhere else. Our holiday flats in Houthalen-Helchteren are located in a wooded area and are the ideal base for a cycling or hiking holiday in Limburg.

We are happy to inspire you with some iconic cycling and hiking routes you will never forget.

Holiday Suites in Houthalen-Helchteren, in the middle of a wooded area

Popular cycling experiences

'Cycling through Water' in Bokrijk, Limburg

'Cycling through Water' in Bokrijk

This unique cycling experience lets you cycle more than 200 metres straight through a pond. The path is lower than the water level, putting the water at eye level on both sides. Thanks to the many junctions, you will find numerous cycling routes that pass here.

'Cycling through the Trees' in Bosland, Limburg

'Cycling through the Trees' in Bosland

Cosy up cycling among the treetops on this iconic 700-metre-long cycle bridge. A double circle takes you up to 10 metres high, allowing you to literally cycle between the treetops. Every year, this cycle bridge even attracts international cycling enthusiasts to the region for this unique experience.

 'Cycling through the Heathland' in Hoge Kempen National Park

'Cycling through the Heathland' in Hoge Kempen National Park

Cycling through the Hoge Kempen National Park is something that should definitely not be missed during your holiday in Limburg. On this four-kilometre cycling trail, you'll ride over a 300-metre wooden cycling bridge where you'll be treated to stunning panoramic views. Combine 'Cycling through the Heath' with 'Cycling through the Water' for an extra unique 56-kilometre cycling tour.

Tongeren, Belgium's oldest city, in Limburg

In and around our country's oldest city

Enjoy the splendour of Tongeren, Belgium's oldest city, with its rich Roman history and beautiful basilica. This spirited cycle tour takes you past castles and fortresses and picturesque villages where time has stood still.


Book a relaxing cycling holiday in Limburg?

A cosy and comfortable holiday flat where you are free to plan your days as you like, that is what you will find at Holiday Suites. Centrally located in a wooded area in Houthalen-Helchteren, you are guaranteed to find the ideal base for an enjoyable cycling holiday.


Popular hiking experiences

The Barefoot Trail in Hoge Kempen National Park in Limburg

The Barefoot Path

Leave your shoes behind, walk barefoot through the water and mud and feel nature with your feet. The Barefoot Path is a controlled 3-kilometre trail with wood, stones, tree trimmings, grass and clay. A super fun experience for the whole family!

Terhills in Limburg


Enjoy nature and adventure at the historic Terhills mining site. Be surprised by lush fauna and flora, huge water features and unique views. A visit to Terhills is perfect to combine with the Hoge Kempen National Park or a shopping day in Maasmechelen Village.

A family hiking in Bokrijk

The Wijers: hiking area Bokrijk - Kiewit

Domein Kiewit and Bokrijk offer various walking routes along the vast ponds and woods. Stroll along 'Cycling through Water' - which you can also do on foot, by the way - or spot birds from the bird-watching wall at the pond.

A family in nature in Limburg

Hiking Box Experience

Do you like more of an interactive walk? The Day Trip is a new company that offers walks where you find out the route through fun assignments. In the walking box, you will also find tasty snacks and drinks for along the way!


Enjoy a wonderful cycling or hiking holiday in Limburg

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