With the whole family

Fun activities during the holidays

Are holidays coming up soon? Then it is time to plan your well-earned free time all full of fun activities. Is the whole family really going out and do you even get grandma and grandpa to join you? Then reading the list of activities below is a must!

Family on the beach

Where to go?

From Limburg to the coast, there is an awful lot to do all over the place. But where do you prefer? Find out below what adventures you can have by region, and maybe your choice will become easier. 


Belgian coast

So much to do, all on our beautiful coastline. Click here if you want to learn about all the adventurous and interesting activities on the coast to fill your holidays in a wonderful way. 

The woods in Limburg


Opting for a holiday in the woods of Houthalen-Helchteren? Conviviality guaranteed! Fill the whole week with unforgettable moments in the other corner of the country.