A delicious journey, from the Belgian coast to Limburg

A culinary trip through Flanders

Our country may be small, but we certainly have no shortage of delicious places to eat. Are you constantly looking for new restaurants and do you like getting to know new flavours?

Then a culinary weekend is the perfect way to relax. We at Holiday Suites are happy to help you plan a wonderful holiday.

Couple in a restaurant

Where to go?

Below are the places you should definitely visit when staying in one of our residences. Still not sure which region you want to visit? Then perhaps the addresses below will make your choice easier. 


The Belgian coast

Of course, you can taste all the beauty of the sea at its best on the Belgian coast. 

Are you a fan of 'fruits de mer' and all the other good stuff you can find in the North Sea? Then you should invariably head for the coast to experience unique gastronomy. 



Do you hear 'Limburg'? Then you invariably hear 'craftsmanship'! In Limburg, they specialise in making gin, syrup, syrup waffles and so much more. Want to enjoy these fantastic specialities? Then opt for a culinary trip through beautiful Limburg and enjoy authenticity in its purest form.