Holidays with your dog by the sea in Belgium

On holiday with your four-legged friend

Do you also love the Belgian coast? But don't want to leave your four-legged friend at home? Then look no further, because our residences are dog-friendly. Explore the area together and go on an adventure. Looking for inspiration? You are sure to find more on this page.



In beautiful Nieuwpoort, dogs are allowed on the beach from 16 September to 14 June. During the warmer days, from 15 June to 15 September, dogs are forbidden on the beach, but we have a solution for that too.

At the harbour channel near the Prince Mauritspark you will find a lovely dog meadow of no less than 2,500 square metres! Here our furry friends can sniff and run around freely. And as if that were not enough, there are also cosy benches for owners to enjoy. This is the place in Nieuwpoort where dogs really are the boss!

Hond Nieuwpoort


Welcome to Middelkerke! All year round, your dog and you can enjoy the beach, especially in the dog zone Carlton to the Ostend border. Dogs are allowed to roam freely on this beach strip. There are also three other areas where dogs are welcome: along Louis Logierlaan, west of the sports beach, where dogs must be kept on a leash with a 10-metre line. 

From the extension of Sluisvaartstraat to the border with Ostend, where dogs can roam freely. 

The last zone is located between Idyllelaan and the border with Nieuwpoort, where dogs must also be kept on a 10-metre leash.

Hond Westende


Discover Ostend, a seaside city with a warm welcome for your dog and you. Ostend offers two dog zones: Strandhoofd 5 on the Oosteroever to Bredene, where no leash is required, and Klein Strand between Westerstaketsel and Westerstrekdam, where a leash is mandatory. Beach rules for dogs vary depending on the season. From October to March, they are always welcome. In April, May, June and September, they are allowed before 10.30am and after 6.30pm, while in July and August dogs are allowed before 10am and after 8pm.

Besides the beach, several dog pastures and squares are available, such as near animal shelter Blauw Kruis in Maria Hendrika Park, on Leffingestraat behind the tennis club and in the provincial domain Raversyde.

In addition, a dog forest is available. In a wooded area between Karperstraat and the motorway, your dog and you can walk freely along a marked footpath. Here, dogs do not need to be kept on a leash and are allowed to roam freely in the presence of their owner.

Honden Oostende

De Haan

In De Haan, you and your dog are welcomed in no less than 2 dog zones, all year round! The first zone extends between Vosseslag and the Zeepreventorium. Here there is a leash obligation from 1 June to 15 September.

The second dog zone is in Harendijke, where a leash is also required during this period. Discover the beautiful beaches and enjoy relaxing walks in De Haan.

Honden De Haan


Welcome to the beautiful coast of Blankenberge! Between Oosterstaketsel and J. Gadeynehelling, dogs are not allowed from the Easter holidays until 15 September, but from 15 September onwards they can be on a leash again.

Towards Zeebrugge, dogs are allowed on a leash from 15 March to 15 October, and then even without a leash until 14 March.

From Westerstaketsel towards Wenduine, dogs are always welcome, all year round and without a leash! Come and enjoy the beach with your four-legged friend in Blankenberge!



Zeebruges also has two different zones that your dear friend and you can enjoy. In the green zone, located between the end of the Dike to the Blankenberge border, dogs are allowed, but they must be leashed!

In the red zone, from the end of the Dike to the St George Day walk, dogs are prohibited.

Between 15 October and 15 March, dogs are welcome everywhere on the beach, but they must be leashed. In the green areas, dogs are then allowed to run and play freely. Discover the diversity of Zeebruges and enjoy the beach adventure together.

Honden Blankenberge


From 15 March to 15 October, between 10am and 8pm, dogs are not allowed on most beaches in Knokke-Heist, except in 'Het Zoute' east of Surfers Paradise. From 16 October to 14 March, dogs are welcome on the entire beach without a leash.

In Knokke-Heist, there is a vast dog beach from Surfers Paradise to the Dutch border, where dogs are allowed to roam freely all year round. Owners can even walk further as far as Lippenslaan, where most shops welcome dogs. 

Knokke-Heist offers a mix of beach fun and shopping experience.


On the Belgian coast, you will not only find beautiful beaches, but also numerous forests where you and your four-legged friend can run around to your heart's content. Book your stay now and experience an unforgettable and adventurous trip together.