Beady stuff: 10 dog-friendly activities on the Belgian coast

Discover the Perfect Dog-friendly Holiday in Limburg and on the Belgian Coast

A holiday is only truly complete when your faithful four-legged friend can join you! Whether you prefer the peaceful nature of Limburg or the lively Belgian coastline, there are plenty of activities to do together with your dog. At Holiday Suites, both you and your dog are welcome. Read on for 10 inspiring dog-friendly activities.

1. De Haan: A Paradise for Dogs and Owners

De Haan offers a very dog-friendly beach with two dog zones where your four-legged friend can frolic freely. Enjoy endless beach walks with beautiful views. Want to learn more about the different rules for dogs on beaches near our residences? Click below!

Honden strand

2. Visit a Dog Park in Westende

Discover the dog park in Westende, where your dog can play in a safe and enclosed environment. This park is not only a place for your loyal four-legged friend to have fun but also a social meeting place for both you and your furry companion.


3. Enjoy a Terrace in Nieuwpoort

After an energetic walk along the coast, you and your dog can relax at one of the many dog-friendly terraces in Nieuwpoort. Enjoy the delightful culinary offerings there.


4. Discover the Marina of Zeebrugge

Visit the wide beaches and the charming marina of Zeebrugge, where you and your dog can stroll along the waterfront and enjoy the serene maritime atmosphere. This is an excellent place to relax and savor the fresh sea air.


5. Swimming Fun for Dogs in Blankenberge

On the beaches of Blankenberge, there are special areas where your dog can enjoy swimming in the sea. This is a wonderful way for your dog to cool off during the warm summer days.


6. Nature walks in Limburg

Limburg is rich in beautiful walking trails through forests and heathlands, ideal for a safe and enjoyable walk with your dog. These paths have been specially selected to provide a peaceful and relaxing experience for you and your four-legged friend.


7. Biking Adventures with Your Dog

Discover breathtaking biking trails along the coast or through the forests of Limburg with your dog. These paths are perfect for experiencing nature in a unique way. Bring your own dog bike trailer for a safe and comfortable journey, and enjoy the freedom and fresh air.


8. Visit Dog-Friendly Events

Participate in the annual dog festival in Westende or other local dog-friendly events, where you can enjoy various activities specifically tailored for dogs and their owners. It’s an excellent opportunity to make new friends.


9. Taste the Local Cuisine

In the region around our residences, various restaurants warmly welcome both you and your four-legged friend. Enjoy the authentic local cuisine in a welcoming atmosphere where you and your dog will feel completely at home. These establishments offer a perfect opportunity to relax together after a day full of adventure.


10. Beach or Forest Photo Shoot

Make your visit unforgettable with a professional photo shoot on the beach or in the forests of Limburg. These are memories that you will cherish forever.


Perfect Holidays With Your Faithful Quadruped

Whether you choose the dynamic coastline or the tranquil nature of Limburg, these 10 activities will ensure an unforgettable holiday with your dog. At Holiday Suites we guarantee a comfortable stay for you and your faithful companion. Book now and have the time of your life with your dog!