Celebrating Christmas Coronaproof with Holiday Suites

Celebrating Christmas in the times of Corona

Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful times of the year. This year it will be different than usual. Cuddling each other and giving kisses after the presents is out of the question this year. Nevertheless, there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate a successful Christmas with our loved ones. We have list a few possibilities for you.

#1 Sending gifst

Because we can only celebrate Christmas in a limited group, it is impossible to give everyone a physical gift. Nevertheless, it is always nice to give/receive a present. This is still perfectly possible by sending gifts to each other. By the way, it is also very easy. Pack your gift in the Christmas spirit, stick a name tag on it and don't forget to send it on time, the postal services are extremely busy at the moment.

Secret Santa

To add some extra suspense to Christmas you can organize a Secret Santa. The principle is very simple. You have to put the names of all participants in a big jar. After that you can take turns to draw a name to know to whom you have to give a present. This can of course also be done online! This way you know to whom you have to give a present but not from who you will get one. Exciting!

#2 Surprise each other

In these dark days it is pleasant for everyone to be surprised. That’s why it is also nice to continue to surprise loved ones. So you can always send small gifts to each other outside Christmas Day. 10 small presents instead of one big one is much more fun.


#3 Celebrate christmas outside

Do you want to celebrate Christmas and still see your loved ones? Then you can celebrate Christmas outside, where the risk of infection is much lower. A Christmas walk along the Belgian coast is an ideal activity for this. In Houthalen-Helchteren you can also enjoy the beautiful nature at our accommodation which is completely surrounded by trees. Outside appointments are only allowed in groups of 4, but that's better than nothing!

#4 Cooking together

When you say Christmas, of course, you also say delicious meals. You can also use them creatively and socially. Compose a Christmas menu together with your friends or family members that you can all work with from home. While preparing your Christmas dinner, you can call each other to cook together.

Can't decide what to prepare? Then you can order premade Christmas boxes online here you can already find some:



Who will be able to prepare the tastiest Christmas menu?


#5 Watch a movie at the same time

Christmas Eve is not just the Christmas dinner, it also includes a fun Christmas movie of course! This can also be done digitally. Choose a film together that everyone can watch at the same time. This can be done by choosing a film that is broadcast on TV, a movie that everyone has on DVD or a movie that is available on a streaming service. Then agree on an hour when everyone will start the film so that it runs at the same time. You can keep in by making video calls. In this way, as every year, you can react together to what is happening in the film, or in your environment.

We already give some film inspirations:

- Bridget Jones's Diary

- The sound of music

- Home alone

- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

- Love actually

- Paddington

#6 Play online board games

Playing board games is one of the favourite preoccupations at Christmas parties. This year this is still possible. There are plenty of online alternatives to playing board games together. Several options are possible. If you have the same game, you can call each other and play on a physical board game. Another option is that you can play a game via an app or website. Most board games can be found online for free nowadays.

Some ideas:

- Make a  kahoot quiz

- Play online pictionary on

- Guess what someone else is trying to portray

- Play a game of Uno