Bruges – the Venice of the North

Bruges – the Venice of the north

Is it the set of a fairy-tale production? Is it an open air museum? No, it’s Bruges; a medieval city to be wowed by! Forget the time and start your journey along ancient moats, countless museums, monuments, nostalgic cobblestone alleys and gobsmacking architectural gems. Thanks to the well-preserved medieval flair, Bruges just might be the most beautiful city of Belgium. No wonder the UNESCO recognises the whole inner city as world heritage!

Even when you are a foodie, Bruges is your place to be. Here you’ll find heaps of pubs, bars and top restaurants! Filled your belly? Then lose yourself to an immense network of uncountable trinket shops, antique stores, couturiers, chocolatiers, art galleries, vintage shops and organic stores.
Ah, Bruges… a city to taste, experience and never to forget!

Tip: explore Bruges per boat, horse-drawn carriage, bicycle carriage or… per hot-air balloon!

Around destination: 5km