De Wonderlamp

De Wonderlamp

De Wonderlamp is a wonderful playground where children can imagine themselves in the world of eastern princes and princesses.

In the numerous play equipment, children can play a whole afternoon, while mum and dad can enjoy a drink, a snack and free WiFi.

This indoor playground is divided into various play islands, kids of all ages can go there for an activity tailored to their needs. For the youngest up to five years old there is Minitopia, a specially equipped play corner for them. Besides for the 6 to 12 years olds there are trampolines, ball guns and a ball pool, a luge track, a bouncy castle, an exciting maze, an outdoor playground…

Here you can go for an afternoon of fun, ideal on a rainy day!



Dorpwegel 4

8211 Aartrijke


+32 477 79 68 99


Around destination: 16km