Children’s farm ‘De Lenspolder’

Children’s farm ‘De Lenspolder’

In this children’s farm, kids can come into contact with the real farm life. They can discover agricultural products and also process them themselves. Ofcourse, it is also possible to meet the animals!

In ‘De Lenspolder’ there is a field with poultry, rabbits and a pond with different species of ducks and turtles. Besides that, there is also a field with some bigger farm animals. Furthermore there is a classroom, a baking house and a cafetaria with the possibility of picnicking and view on the playground.

The mission of this petting zoo is: ‘bringing children even more into contact with animals and nature in a fun, playful and at the same time instructive way.’

During the school holidays, regular activities are organized here for which children can register. An ideal excursion to do with the kids during your stay in Nieuwpoort!

Around destination: 34km