Surf Initiation

Golf surfing

Golf surfing @ The Outsider Coast

Get introduced to wave surfing at The Outsider Coast! Whether you have never stood on a surfboard before or already have some experience, their experienced monitors are ready to teach you the right techniques and tips to conquer the waves like a pro! Initiations are regularly scheduled in Ostend and Westende. Register online for one of the wave surfing initiations!


  • Normal price: €50 p.p.(from 12aar), €35 p.p. (<12years) 
  • Guests of Holiday Suites: 10% discount


  • De Kwinte, Koning Ridderdijk 100, 8434 Westende-Bad
  • Phare East, Halvemaandijk 4, 8400 Oostende


+32 (0)58 23 14 04



Around destination: 32km