Cabine Art: Washed Ashore

Cabin Art: In the Theme of the Washed Ashore Sperm Whale Valentijn

Cabin Art in Koksijde is an annual art exhibition where artists paint beach cabins around a specific theme. The event takes place from June to September and offers visitors the chance to enjoy creative and unique artworks during a summer walk along the coastline. Each cabin tells its own story and reflects the artistic vision of the participating artists, creating a colorful and inspiring experience.

The theme for 2024 is "Washed Ashore," in honor of the sperm whale Valentijn that washed ashore in 1989. After being buried underground for 30 years, he was unearthed and will be given a place in the NAVIGO museum.

Take a relaxing walk along the coastline with family or friends and enjoy the creative beach cabins.


Zeelaan 303, 8670 Koksijde


Telefoon: 058 53 34 40



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