Bruges Godhouses

Godhouses of Bruges

From the 14th century onwards, these housing estates were built out of charity.

Craftsmen built them to give their elderly members a roof over their heads. Widows and wealthy citizens who wanted to conquer a place in heaven built them. To secure that place, each residential area had its chapel. The residents were obliged to send up prayers of thanksgiving.

With their white-painted façades and picturesque gardens, they are ideal places to take a break.

Some of the Godhouses in Bruges are: De Meulenaere and Sint-Jozef (Nieuwe Gentweg 8-22), Godshuis De Vos (Noordstraat 6-14), Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Blindekens (Kreupelenstraat 12-16), De Pelikaan (Groene Rei 8/1-4), Van Volden and De Moor (Boeveriestraat 50-76), Zorghe, Paruitte and Schippers (Stijn Streuvelsstraat) and Het Rooms Convent (Katelijnenstraat 9-19).


8000 Bruges

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