Shoppingstreets of Brugge

Shop to your heart's content

Steenstraat & Zuidzandstraat

Fashion gurus, this one's for you. Bruges has like 4 "big" shopping streets that merge into each other. 2 of these are the Steenstraat and Zuidzandstraat. Here shoppers can indulge themselves and spend hours among the regular fashion brands. With just under 700 meters of stores, you end up at the Markt or the Zand. In this street you will find numerous clothing brands for every wallet.

Geldmundstraat & Noordzandstraat

Parallel to Steenstraat and Zuidzandstraat, you can find Geldmuntstraat and Noordzandstraat. Here, too, you'll find a lot of established clothing brands but also a lot of boutiques and lots of other smaller specialty stores full of artisan products.

Around destination: 5km