De Poolreiziger

De Poolreiziger

Exactly 110 years after Adrien de Gerlache's legendary Antarctic expedition, the Nieuwpoort-born polar explorer Dirk 'Dixie' Dansercoer repeated this journey in 2007.

Freddy Capon's work of art, which is six metres high and three metres wide, was unveiled on 16 September 2007 on the occasion of the departure from Nieuwpoort.

De Poolreiziger depicts loneliness, being alone and the vastness of the universe. The figure on top of the artwork represents the polar traveller Dansercoer himself. The imagined road he traverses on his skis, alone with his thoughts and feelings, stretches towards the sky. The circles symbolise the North Pole and South Pole.


Robert Orlentpromenade 15
8620 Nieuwpoort

Around destination: 34km