Kegel X-treme

Kegel X-treme

Between Westende and Middelkerke you’ll find De Kegel X-treme, thé excursion for kids, teenagers, and adults! Besides trendy bowling alleys, you’ll find an outdoor karting with top-notch electric 15 hp karts, a cool laser tag, city games, a dino park, miniature golf, ánd the House of Riddles –a Real Life Escape Room Game! Furthermore there is now also a VEX VR-Arena where you virtually enter into a fight. You can choose from different games. Don’t miss out on this one! You can also opt for special formulas like a real Bowling Party with soup, a giant satay, fries and dessert.



Westendelaan 98 

8430 Middelkerke


059 44 79 81


Around destination: 29km