Shipping company Seastar

Shipping company Seastar offers numerous (educational) excursions for young and old, both in Nieuwpoort and along the ‘Flanders Fields’ in ‘de Westhoek’. For example, you have the choice between a harbour tour, an Iron Tour, a Captains Cruise and even a Beer Star Cruise!

Harbour Tour
A port tour in Nieuwpoort is the perfect activity during your stay on the Belgian Coast. In 1 hour you will discover the highlights of this beautiful port city, with as absolute highlight the beautiful nature reserve ‘De Ijzermonding’, the Euro marina and the traditional fish mine.

This boat trip is also called the ‘WO I Memorial Cruise’ This excursion leads you along the beautiful Iron Plain, once the battlefield of World War I. You sail along the Iron Tower, the Dodengang and there is even a short stop to explore the center of Diksmuide. An original way to discover the beautiful region of the Westhoek!

Captains Cruise
A boat trip with a luxurious ship between Nieuwpoort and Diksmuide, combined with an extensive dinner? Yes please!

Beer Star Cruise
This cruise speaks for itself: an interactive beer tasting while you sail through the polder landscape of the Westhoek. Pure enjoyment!

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Shipping company Seastar

R. Orlentromenade 2

8620 Nieuwpoort


+32 (0)58 23 24 25



Around park: 16km

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