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Activities for dogs in Blankenberge

Planning a fun activity for you and your dog?

Going on holiday with your dog... Blessed, right? Are you one of those people who really enjoy spoiling your dog? Then plan a fun activity for (you and) your dog to do during your stay in Blankenberge.

Discover the beautiful coast of Blankenberge! Between Oosterstaketsel and J. Gadeynehelling, dogs are not allowed from the Easter holidays until 15 September. But from 15 September they can come along on a leash again.

Towards Zeebrugge, dogs are welcome from 15 March to 15 October, even off-leash until 14 March.

And from Westerstaketsel towards Wenduine, dogs are always welcome, all year round and without a leash! Come and enjoy the beach in Blankenberge with your dog!

Below are 2 more locations where you can hang out with your beloved four-legged friend.


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