Our favorite locations and activities in and around Bruges

What to do in and around Bruges

At Holiday Suites we leave you free to organise your own trip. This also means that we want you to discover the area and what it has to offer. But we do not leave you to your own devices. We hope we can inspire you with our favorite activities and culinary hotspots in the Hinterland of Bruges.


Top 3 walkingroutes around Jabbeke

1. Castle Tudor hiking trail

Surrounding the Castle Tudor there are plenty of hiking opportunities in the woods. For example, there is a large route of up to 16km, good for a 4h long walk. Which we're sure the dogs will enjoy.

2. Domain Beisbroek

Is 16km a little too diligent? No problem. There is in fact a small castles route of give or take 5 km that connects Domain Beisbroek with Castle Tudor and Chartreuzinnen-forest.

3. Ryckevelde

At the main entrance to Ryckevelde Nature Park you will find the off-leash meadow. This piece of fenced park is ideal for the dogs to play to their hearts content. And for the hot summer days there is a pool in the middle of the meadow where the dogs can cool off.

Top 3 Things to do with kids

1. Boudewijn Seapark

Just a bus ride away from Bruges' train station you will find Boudewij Seapark. A theme park with numerous water-inspired attractions. Good for a whole day of water fun.

2. Boat tour

Discover Bruges from a completely different way? How about from the water? With a tour on the canals, you will get to know the Venice of the North in a totally different way.

3. Historium

Located on Bruges' Market Square you will find Historium Brugge. A beautiful building that brings the iconic story of ééone of the most famous Flemish painters. With their 3D experience, you step right into the Bruges of the past.

Top 3 sights in and around Bruges

1. Site Old Saint John

What is now a medical museum was once a full-fledged hospital and pharmacy. One of the oldest hospitals in Europe, the Old Saint John's Hospital dates back to the 12th century. Yet as far as we know, chances are the building itself is even older.

2. Rozenhoedkaai

How else can we recommend Bruges' most iconic statue. Located right next to the Dijver where weekly antique markets still take place, this quay is the ideal place to enjoy a drink by the water during the summer.

3. Basilica of Holy Blood

This basilica was named Basilica because of its veneration of the Holy Blood. But besides the blood, the building itself is definitely worth visiting. Behold the Romanesque architecture and somber oratory of old.


Things to do in Jabbeke and the hinterland of Bruges


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