Our favorite locations and activities in Nieuwpoort

What to do in Nieuwpoort

At Holiday Suites we leave you free to organise your own trip. This also means that we want you to discover the area and what it has to offer. But we do not leave you to your own devices. We hope we can inspire you with our favorite activities and culinary hotspots in Nieuwpoort.


Top 3 activities with children

1. Boudewijn Seapark

Just a bus ride away from Bruges' train station you will find Boudewij Seapark. A theme park with numerous water-inspired attractions. Good for a whole day of water fun.

2. Plopsaland

Step into the wonderful world of Plopsaland de Panne where plenty of famous characters are eager to meet you.

3. Ride the Kickbike

If you're tired of walking and cycling you can always try the Kickbike. This cross between bike and scooter is a playful way to discover the environment.

Top 3 Things to do with lousy weather

1. Laser Battle Newport

An afternoon of fun without the stains of a paintball? Then Laserbattle is the solution for you. Shoot loose in the bullseye at targets up to 200 meters away.

2. Plopsaqua

Don't let that bother you and brave the waves side by side with Wickie the Viking at Plopsaqua. At the coolest water park on the Belgian coast you'll find the coolest slides and pools.

3. De Kegel X-treme

Are the kids too old for amusement parks? The Cone X-treme is the solution. Plan an action-packed afternoon with their Karting race track, hip bowling alley or escape room.

Top 3 sights in and around Nieuwpoort

1. Mercator

Visit this iconic three-master that has made as many as 41 voyages and sailed in nearly every ocean in the world. Learn all about her scientific missions.

2. Seastar shipping company

Enjoy a quiet afternoon on the water aboard the Seastar shipping company. Do you prefer to sail along the Belgian coast or through the Flemish fields?

3. Westfront Nieuwpoort

When the Belgians threatened to lose the Battle of the Yser, the polders were flooded! This strategic decision forced the enemy to retreat.



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