Our favorite locations and activities in Nieuwpoort

What to do in Nieuwpoort

At Holiday Suites we leave you free to organise your own trip. This also means that we want you to discover the area and what it has to offer. But we do not leave you to your own devices. We hope we can inspire you with our favorite activities and culinary hotspots in Nieuwpoort.

Top 3 activities with children

1. The Outsider Coast

The Outsider Coast would like to welcome you to Nieuwpoort! Here, young and old can come for a day of fun and relaxation.

2. Children's Farm De Lenspolder

Farm De Lenspolder is a charming and educational farm where visitors can enjoy rural life. Discover various farm animals, learn about traditional farming methods, and enjoy freshly picked produce. An ideal outing for families and nature lovers who want to experience authentic farm life.

3. Nieuwpoort Marina

Nieuwpoort Marina is a modern harbor with excellent facilities, ideal for sailors and water sports enthusiasts. Located in a picturesque setting, it offers a perfect base for water adventures and coastal relaxation.

Top 3 Restaurants in Nieuwpoort

1. Brasserie Nieuwpoort

A hip brasserie on the market square in Nieuwpoort. Modern menu with a contemporary twist on Flemish classics and dishes with worldly influences. Cocktails with appetisers to share or a good glass of wine with a starter and main course, something for everyone.

2. Plan B

This contemporary cocktail bar offers delectable cocktails. Enjoy the show and watch your cocktail being prepared on the spot.

3. Fredt

Have breakfast in Nieuwpoort city at Fredt. No rush but enjoy. Cup of coffee with the various breakfast formulas. Coming a bit later? Then there are also pastas and salads to satisfy your hunger.

Top 3 sights in and around Nieuwpoort

1. Westfront Nieuwpoort

When the Belgians threatened to lose the Battle of the Yser, the polders were flooded! This strategic decision forced the enemy to retreat.

2. The Marina Of Nieuwpoort

Discover the marina of Nieuwpoort, a modern harbor with excellent facilities. Ideal for sailors and water sports enthusiasts, located in a picturesque setting.

3. Mercator

Visit this iconic three-master that has made as many as 41 voyages and sailed in nearly every ocean in the world. Learn all about her scientific missions.



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