Our favorite locations and activities in Zeebruges

What to do in Zeebruges

At Holiday Suites we leave you free to organise your own trip. This also means that we want you to discover the area and what it has to offer. But we do not leave you to your own devices. We hope we can inspire you with our favorite activities and culinary hotspots in Zeebruges.


Top 3 attractions in Zeebrugge

1. Beach of Zeebrugge

Want to enjoy the open space and sea air? Then the beach of Zeebrugge is the place to be. This stretch of beach is the largest of the entire Belgian coast. Ideal to get a breath of fresh air.

2. The harbor of Zeebrugge

The port of is an iconic location not to be overlooked in Zeebrugge. After all, this iconic place is the beating heart of the city. Be amazed at the giant cruises and cargo ships drifting in here!

3. Nature park 't Zwin


This nature park not far from Zeebrugge is teeming with birds. Therefore it is sometimes also called the 'international airport of birds'. 't Zwin is therefore the ideal place for nature lovers. 

Top 3 restaurants in Zeebrugge

1. Visserscafé 't Werftje

A fresh pint or delectable shrimp croquette in a unique location? Say no more, 't Werftje is where you need to be. This little fishing pub that has been running since 1905 is located right in the port of Zeebrugge

2. Amuzee

Located by the sea, you'll find Amuzee. A gourmet restaurant where the owners have a fondness for the North Sea. How could it be otherwise with this view? Try one of their numerous seafood dishes featuring fish from local fishermen.

3. Tijdok

'Highly recommendable for fish lovers.' That's the best way to describe the restaurant Tijdok. In the restaurant, you will find mother and son in service. The delicious dishes? Those are prepared behind the scenes by the man of the house.

Top 3 shopping area's near Zeebruges

1. Knokke-Heist: the green shopping city

Besides extensive walking and cycling, you can also find some top-notch items in Knokke-Heist from brands such as Natan and Items by Bea Mombaerts, among others. Fancy some more shopping? At only 5 km you will find Knokke le Zoute where you will find even more stores.

2. Kerkstraat

Shoppers, beware! During your day at the beach, do you want to quickly buy something in the store, or did you forget something. The Kerkstraat is the place to be. This street runs directly from the beach to the center of Blankenberge and contains most of the stores where you're sure to find what you're looking for.

3. The shopping streets of Bruges

This is one for the fashion lovers. In Bruges you have as many as 4 major shopping streets. in the Steenstraat, Zuidzandstraat, Geldmuntstraat and Noordzandstraat you can find plenty of different fashion brands. Prefer a smaller shop? Be sure to discover the smaller streets in the heart of Bruges


Overview of all activities in Zeebrugge


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