Canals of Bruges

Canals of Bruges

For centuries, the canals have been the arteries of the city. They meander through Bruges and treat you to a magnificent view around every bend.

Discover the secret gardens and romantic bridges while strolling or sailing, or watch the reflection of the medieval facades in the water.

Along the Augustijnenrei, an unknown but wonderful canal, it is a pleasure to walk and stroll. The canal was dug out in the 12th century and is the proud owner of the sturdy Augustijnenbrug (Augustine bridge). The name of this canal refers to the now disappeared Augustinian monastery. Although the monastery has been demolished, you can still find peace and quiet here.

The Gouden-Handrei was part of the first city walls of Bruges. Just like the Augustijnenrei, it was dug in the 12th century and although Jan van Eyck lived and worked on the other side, it is remarkably quiet.

The most beautiful canal is undoubtedly the Groenerei. It is neatly lined with a beautiful skyline and provided with enough greenery to completely relax. Here and there, you can spot a romantic little bridge. Ideal for strolling along the water.


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